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These papers are some of my most-requested paper types. However, if there is another type of paper that you are interested in having your invitations printed on, let me know and I will find it for you!


Fabulous Fancy Pants

100% Cotton Rag Paper

Cotton rag paper is suitable for letterpress, hot foil stamping, and flat printing, making it a versatile and lux choice for either part or all of your wedding invitation suite. 

The deckled edge on this paper occurs naturally during the screening process, giving an organic, old world appearance. This paper is an off-white color with naturally occuring inconsistencies in color.

While a full bleed print can be achieved with this paper, it is normally recommended to keep your invitation artwork away from the edges to avoid ink smears. For invitations requiring a full bleed, please contact me for a custom quote.

Silk & Willow

100% Cotton Rag Paper

This paper is suitable for all types of printing, from letterpress to flat digital printing. 

Due to the naturally occurring deckled edges, full bleed designs are not recommended. 

This paper is soft to the touch and very delicate, making it perfect for whimsical, ethereal suites.

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Crane Lettra

100% Cotton

Crane Lettra is slightly textured with a straight edge. This paper is perfect for letterpress, resulting in a pillowy, deep impression. It is also suitable for most flat printing jobs and allows for a full bleed. 

Lettra comes in many weights and can also be doubled for even thicker invitations.


Arpa Handmade

Cotton/Linen Blend

This paper is handmade in Spain with traditional paper-making tools. With its rough texture and deckled edges, Arpa is best suited for letterpress and foil stamping. 

Matching envelopes can also be sourced and require calligraphy addressing.


Arturo Fine Stationery

Mouldmade Paper

Arturo is ideal for hot foil stamping and letterpress print methods. The paper is highly textured and can be found with a deckled edge, if desired.

Smooth Uncoated Cardstock

This paper is ideal for flat printing, due to its dense nature. Cardstock can be found in many weights and colors and is easy to apply a full bleed to.